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Book Whores

Whore out what you're reading here!

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Community for book lovers who want to whore out their latest reads & find new reading material
B00k_Wh0res is a community for book lovers who want to "whore" out their latest reads & get a heads up on finding new reading material that they might enjoy. Found yourself curling up in bed with a good book? Had quite a bit of afternoon fun reading? Well, my friend, you are a Book Whore and have come to the right place!

Have you read something you're excited to share with other people? Are you looking for something new to read with some like-minded individuals who enjoy the same types of books you do? Then hop aboard the B00k_Wh0re-mobile!

It's not your typical book club. Hell, it's not even a club, per se. There is no Oprah advising you as a group as to what you *should* read. There's just a bunch of Book Whores who love reading and want to share their recent finds with others. Recommend something to people. Browse through listings and tagged entries to find something similar to your own interests. Or find yourself intrigued by a "book whore report" on something you may not otherwise have wanted to read.

We welcome all types of reading material in this community. Yes, comics and trade paperbacks are considered books and many of 'em are so well-written that they are certainly on par with more traditional novels.

Jump on in and feel free to share what you're currently reading; books you've recently read, loved, and think others would enjoy, and books you've got on your agenda to read.

Have fun posting and reading!